US dispatch of bomb detection dogs die case in the Middle East

Now that is happening in Africa, why not transmitted to the world US spate of bomb detection dogs die example in the Middle East, suspend the dispatch Succession of cases of bomb detection dogs were sent to Jordan and Egypt from the United States die, the dispatch of the dog to the two countries has been temporarily suspended. US authorities, the dog in order to take care is not in good condition is dead. US State Department Inspector General room (OIG) in the mid-0 years, in response to that report on the unfair treatment of the dog came to light, embarked on a survey of bomb detection dogs. As a result, a survey report released in January, revealed that many of negligence were found in about animals of treatment by trained as bomb detection dogs. Dogs who were trained in the United States, have been dispatched to 0 countries close countries as part of counter-terrorism assistance program. Many of the problems are concentrated in the Jordan became the first to support the program beneficiary countries, dog animals died because care was inappropriate, that had to be the other animals were euthanized after returning to the United States There was found.

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